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Photography & videography Services


As a professional event photography & videography company in Vancouver, we understand the importance of capturing the key moments of any event. Whether it’s a red carpet event, PR event, pop-up event, conference, trade-show or expo, our team of experienced photographers and videographers have the skills and expertise to take high-quality images and videos that perfectly showcase the atmosphere and energy of your event. Head on over to our contact page and reach out to book your event photography and/or videography today.


Family Portrait

Family portraits are all about showing the love and strength inside the family unit. BVPI is your go to photographer when looking to capture the special moments and catalogue the growth of a family. We love capturing the fun quirky and stylish aspects of every family. If you’re looking for some Vancouver Family portraits then you found the right place. Head on over to our contact page and reach out to book your family portrait today.


Maternity + New Born

Life is everything, and a new life is the biggest miracle in the world! Pregnancy is not only a hard and challenging time but also the most magical and unforgettable time in our lives. BVPI have a keen eye for timelessness and artistic expression for maternity and newborn. We love capturing precious family moments, laced with our signature touch of elegance and intimacy. Head on over to our contact page and reach out to book your maternity and new born shoot today.


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